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This deviation was deleted

I think you're really nailing the lighting on this one, especially with the face. It reads really well from a distance which is exactly what you want here. The face reads particularly well and has a lot of detail that works well upon closer inspection.

The biggest issue here is the proportions. The thighs are far to big which makes the head feel small. If you thinned out the thigh it might fix the whole problem, the head might still need to be enlarged though.

The background would work much better without the large downward strokes. They skew the perspective, simpler is better in this case.

The colors look pretty good and the lighting is working very well. You can push it up by adding some more white into the highlights and darken up the shadows in the body . The head is perfect but has more darks and lights and the body would benefit greatly from the same detail. The head feels detached from the body as is and the body loses it's dimension. Balance out the two extremes and you‘re good..

I think you're brush work is working very well for this particular piece. It has a nice painterly style that makes it feel like a great anatomy study. A few rather easy fixes and you got yourself a winner. Keep it up, man. You've been helpful to me so I hope I can return the favor. :)
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